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"My inspiration is the simple

beauty in nature, life is pure ADVENTURE!"

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Welcome to my world of "Art for Living" PhotoART, I hope to bring joy, inspiration and thought provoking visions into your heart and mind in unique ways, through my glass pieces, photographic designs & artwork.

I started with a traditional background in painting and drawing at an early age, I then discovered a passion for photography and  studied photography and design at The School of Visual Arts  in NYC. Using the camera as my medium focusing on natural elements, I created my "Art for living" collection. I am an artist who works with various materials to portray my images.

All of my photographs, artwork and photographic designs are signed original pieces. some of my images are multimedia combination, using photography, graphic design, artwork, and "words of inspiration"

My work has encompassed advertising  photography and  design, photojournalism, photo studio styling and photography lab digital imaging and technical design. 



In my "Inspiration Collection" I sometimes combine  my imagery with words and thoughts  of inspiration...


 My "Feminism Series" came from a personal healing exercise; and became a statement for women to rejoice in simply being a women with all our strengths and weaknesses. Dancer artwork & nudes...Proud to be a women, body, mind, and soul, show your true colours!


In my "Protect Wildlife Series"
I want to spread awareness to help protect and preserve wildlife and their habitats through my images and pieces.


I started My "Natural Elements" collection  with glass and ceramic tiles. I have now added decoupage & printed glass serving pieces and plates that can
be displayed or  used as serving dishes and trays.

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